Insurance Bundle Packages

Many of our customers choose to take out more than one insurance policy with us, and so we've made it easier to save money. Simply bundle together two or more insurance packages and see how much you can save.

The figures listed below are just a few examples of the insurance bundles available to our customers:

GAP + Key + Misfuelling Insurance Bundle

A great bundle for first time car leasers, and the addition of the misfuelling insurance is especially useful if you're opting to drive a diesel for the first time.

  • Our price from £10.27 per month (exc. VAT)
  • One-off purchase price from £325 (exc. VAT)
  • You save £100

GAP + SMART Protect Insurance Bundle

This all-rounder bundle protects you against general scrapes and dents as well as providing the must-have GAP insurance.

  • Our price from £17.50 per month (exc. VAT)
  • One-off purchase price from £554 (exc. VAT)
  • You save £100

GAP + Key + Misfuelling + SMART Protect Insurance Bundle

The whole menu of insurances! Get everything in one package and save the most money.

  • Our price from £19.08 per month (exc. VAT)
  • One-off purchase price from £604 (exc. VAT)
  • You save £250

For further information on how to get these bundles, or for any other insurance-related questions, get in touch with one of our car leasing experts.

We provide a transparent service that's built on trust and care about our customers which is why you should get in touch now and lease your car with us.

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