Insurance Deals for Lease Cars

Here at, we don't include insurance within your lease, so if you're looking for details on car insurance, we've created a handy price comparison tool to help you easily work out the cost of insuring your new leased car.

Many of the big insurance companies don't cover leased cars as they require you to own on the vehicle you want to insure, so this convenient tool takes the hassle out of finding the companies that will offer you an insurance policy.

What insurance do I need for a lease car?

As leasing a car is different owning a car outright, you usually cannot simply get third-party cover: that is, insurance which covers the damage to other cars and not your own.

A comprehensive policy is usually the only option offered for lease cars and this protects both you and the manufacturer as it means that you won't have to be out of pocket paying to repair a car you don't own!

You may even want to consider getting GAP insurance too, which provides additional cover should your car be written-off or stolen. This type of insurance covers paying any left over repayments on your lease that your insurance company cannot pay off.

Using the tool

Our car insurance comparison tool lets you compare a wide array of insurance companies to help you find the right policy and premium.

Simply complete the form with your details and the details of the car you're leasing and you'll be presented with a list of available insurance options.

Applying couldn't be easier too - just click on the deal you want and fill in your contact and payment details - there's no need to go direct to the insurer!

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Benefits of our insurance tool

Our insurance quotes are provided by Lloyd Latchford who have over 40 years of car insurance knowledge. Some of the benefits of getting your insurance through us include:

  • A personalised quote delivered to you quickly
  • Competitive products, with access to hundreds of individual insurers
  • Insurance tailor-made to your specific make of vehicle
  • Policies specifically for leased cars

If you need any further advice on car insurance, get in touch with us and speak to one of our friendly car leasing experts.

We provide a transparent service that's built on trust and care about our customers which is why you should get in touch now and lease your car with us.

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