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Wireless Charging For Your Electric Vehicle?

posted on Nov 05 2013 by Jade Hensby

Wireless Charging For Your Electric Vehicle?

As discussed in one of the recent blogs, electric cars are becoming far more realistic and reliable than in previous years. With that said, the issue that most people have with electric cars is that charging them can be beyond difficult, if not nearly impossible, especially for those who dont have the ability to charge at home.

Volvo, however, is poised to revolutionise the electric car.

Volvo has been experimenting with inductive charging technology with astounding results. Theyve found that an electric car could be charged in a similar way as an electric toothbrush, but how does this new type of vehicle charging work exactly?

Inductive charging replaces wires with an electromagnetic field that transfers energy between two objects. Using an induction coil, the charging base station produces an alternating electromagnetic field which is then picked up by a second induction coil in the portable device where it is then converted back into electrical energy.

Is this technology available yet for electric cars? Sadly not, but Volvo have been testing this idea on the electric C30 model. Inductive charging may never beat the efficiency, reliability and the capacity offered by the conventional wired charging, however Volvo have been working hard to improve the flexibility of the electric car so that more people have access to leasing or owning one.

While we will still have to charge our electric cars, either at home or at the charging stations across the UK, it seems that there will come a time in the not so distant future where wireless charging will be a reality, and then who knows how many of us will switch to driving an electrical car? After all think of the money we would save each year on fuel.