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Winter Tyres: Should You Invest?

posted on Oct 21 2013 by Jade Hensby

Winter Tyres: Should You Invest?

Over the years design and technology has improved so much that tyres have had to step up to the mark. Now with other parts of the world facing extreme weather conditions tyres have evolved to face all sorts of weather. Here we will examine the difference of performance of your summer tyres and winter tyres.

Typically winter tyres have a lower speed acceptance than summer tyres do; however in icy conditions it is advised to take care.

The condition of winter tyres means that they last the same amount of time as summer tyres, and performer better in winter conditions. Depending on the amount of miles you do, they could last from two to three winters and therefore could save your summer tyres so they ultimately last longer too. These tyres offer more variety and safety than purely driving in the snow. They are designed for optimal safety in the cold, wet, ice and snow conditions below 7 degrees.


During these winter months you should keep the summer tyres lying flat on the ground so the tread is not facing down. Some companies like Kwik Fit offer Tyre Hotels in which they will store your tyres for the winter months until you make an appointment to have them refitted later in the year.

If you expect to be driving in conditions such as these, then it could be worth your time and money to invest in these tyres. After all, why risk driving with the wrong tyres in hazard conditions To find out if you can use these on your leased vehicle, call one of our sales advisors today on 01273 789 900.