Will I Ever Get My Hover Car?

posted on Oct 02 2013 by Jade Hensby

Will I Ever Get My Hover Car?

The opening scene of Back to the Future II, where Doc picks up Marty and says Roads, where were going we dont need roads definitely changed how the 21st century was imagined. Even during the mid 20th century, talks of hover cars were just dreams of science fiction fans. But was it really so out there Is it really going to be possible And if so, why am I still not hovering to work


Over the years there have been plenty of unfulfilled promises, but flying cars could be just over the horizon for us. There would be still be some major issues to figure out with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) but the cars are closer than ever to being a finished product.

There has certainly been no lack of engineers taking on the challenge to design a new spec of hover cars, and the most noticeable would be Paul Moller. Spending both 40 years and millions of dollars developing his Skycar, hes coming closer and closer to giving us that hover car! His most recent design, names the Skycar M400 is designed to take off and land vertically in small spaces. With speeds reaching up to 400 mph, and cruising speeds of 350 mph- it can be powered on gas, diesel, alcohol, kerosene and propane- sadly there is no Mr. Fusion we can use just yet. Its estimated that the initially cost of Skycar will be $1 million, however that price is said to come down to as low as $60,000.


The Skycar is a four seater, powered by eight rotary engines. To make it available to the general public, it will be controlled by computers using the Global Positioning System (GPS) - and if there is an accident both a parachute and airbags will be released. When the car is not in flight the parasail wing and suspension lines will fold up and pack away into the cars trunks.

Whats exciting about the idea of a hover car is that it opens more possibilities of driving- and probably more tax thatll well have to pay too. However, what we imagine the cars to look like and what they actually are can disappoint. While we think of a flying DeLorean, were actually getting a small aircraft design. In terms of safety, there would need to be a complete overhaul of laws and regulations- adding even more years on. You can see some of the designs on our YouTube channel:


So while it is certainly possible to design a hover car, it seems we have to wait longer than Back to the Futures suggestion of 2015. Maybe we shouldnt get our hopes up just yet then...or even get our hopes up at all.