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Will.I.Am’s Fleet Of Luxury Cars

posted on Apr 17 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Will.I.Am’s Fleet Of Luxury Cars

Will.I.Am shot to fame as a member of the huge American band the Black Eyed Peas. It wasn’t until he went out on his own that his career really took off. He has had an extremely successful solo career and now stars as a judge on The Voice. He has developed quite a reputation for purchasing rather expensive and unusual cars.

If you were worth just under 100 million you would probably splash out on a few things, which might include a fleet of ridiculously expensive supercars. Will.I.Am didn’t just go for the standard luxury cars; naturally he had to do something different. He even went as far as launching his own car company, named IAMAUTO.  It’s clear from his car collection that he is a big car fanatic; here are some of his most well-known cars.

1958 Custom Corvette

One of his most treasured cars is a 1959 custom Corvette that he had specially created by a team of famous mechanics. The transformation of this classic car was featured on West Coast Customs, a popular American television show.

They took a classic 1959 Corvette and enhanced it with some features from the 2008 model. The new version of the car is extremely luxurious inside. It has a West Coast Customs sound system and a fully integrated touchscreen computer.  It does 100 km/h in less than five seconds and has a top speed of 288 km/h thanks to a 485 horsepower engine. It’s definitely a stand out car that doesn’t fail to get noticed.


Image courtesy of West Coast Customs

$900,000 Custom Made Car

Next the star embarked on creating his dream car, without much of a clue as to what he was doing. He reportedly changed the specs every few weeks, resulting in the project taking two years to complete. He said he kept going online and getting frustrated with seeing custom cars you can never buy, so he decided to make one of his own.

Speaking on US talk show Ellen, he also said ‘I made that car so that kids in my neighbourhood can feel proud that they have got an education science via building something like this.’ The metallic blue car oddly has an aluminium interior including aluminium dashboard and was actually based on a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle. It has totally bespoke wheels and bodywork and manages to achieve a both classic and futuristic look.


 $700,000 DeLorean

Will.I.Am also used to own another futuristic looking car, a white $700,000 customised DeLorean. However, this car wasn’t a particularly lucky car for the star. It was impounded by LA police, because he reportedly drove it illegally without a licence plate. The car was the very first car made by his company IAMAUTO by the West Coast Customs team. Then the car was reportedly stolen, it disappeared in August 2012 while he was at a party but strangely it was later returned.

McLaren MP4-12C

Another rather impressive car in his collection is the McLaren MP4-12C. It features extravagant gull wing doors, a guaranteed eye opener when turning up to any celebrity party. It’s a British built supercar that completes with the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia. It costs $500,000 and reaches 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. 

As well as these shockingly expensive cars Will.I.Am also owns a Tesla Roadster and A Bentley Continental GT. That’s quite a collection.