Why the Speed Limit Bothers us Brits

posted on Oct 03 2013 by Jade Hensby

Why the Speed Limit Bothers us Brits

At some point in all our driving years, weve been speeding somewhere. We may not have been caught, but weve certainly done it. What is aggravating us drivers is the speed limit on the motorway- and how other drivers choose to interpret the speed limit. Let us all take a moment to check if we really know our limits.

Theres nothing worse than a driver in the middle lane going slower than slow. Didn't they get the memo that this lane and the outside lane are for overtaking? Even worse is if they're speeding whilst towing a caravan or trailer, all you seem to focus on is the attachment careening between lanes without a care in the world. 70 mph is currently the speed limit in the UK when it comes to driving on the Motorway - and there have been recent discussions claiming that new drivers will only be allowed on the motorway once they've had a lesson driving on it- think Pass Plus.

However in recent news there has been talk of increasing the speed limit to 80 mph. As it stands Britain speed limits are lower than those in France and Italy, who retrospectively enjoy limits of 81 mph; while Germany has absolutely no restrictions at all. This has caused some controversy in the UK though, with groups such as the Campaign for Better Transport and Greenpeace estimating that a higher speed limit would lead to an increase of death rates and serious accidents, whilst 2.2 million more tonnes of carbon emissions would be emitted.

The idea of increasing the speed limit was first introduced by the Conservative party in 2011, but after much debate it was thought it would alienate women from the party, and was later announced as not being a priority. However in recent months divisions have emerged in the Department for Transport with Stephen Hammond, junior minister, revealing the plan could be easily introduced as the government had not stopped work on the idea.

So while there are talks of an increase to motorway speed, it seems we will have to stick to the 70 mph limit for the time being. If we all abide by the laws and regulations for now, there is sure to be an improvement.