Why Does the Skoda Octavia Have a Heated Rear Window?

posted on Aug 27 2015 by Ryan Plavenieks

Why Does the Skoda Octavia Have a Heated Rear Window?

If you answered “to keep your hands warm whilst pushing” then you might be interested to know that the Octavia scores higher on reliability than the VW Passat and even the Audi A6 according to one online reliability website. Check it out yourself if you dont believe us.

Over the last few years it seems that Skoda have been working hard on the brand and the designs of its cars to raise their image and stimulate interest in what they have to offer.

One such offering that has got us all frothing at LeaseYourNextCar.com is the Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TDi. Not only do the 0-60mph times appeal at 8.1 seconds, and the mpg look impressive with 72mpg extra urban, but the emissions have been lowered enough to appeal for fleet drivers with co2- 115 g/km.

When you combine the aforementioned figures with the spec that the car has to offer things become even more tempting. As standard the Octavia VRS offers DAB radio with Bluetooth, Sat Nav and dual air zone climate control. It also shows how far Skoda has come when you look at the very aggressively styled front end. The black engine grill and dark headlight surrounds look meaner than a wasp you’ve just half clipped by whipping it with a tea towel and the L.E.D. daytime running lights offer a level of illumination Luke Skywalker’s light saber could only dream of.

Okay, let’s move away from the sporty looks of the vRS, those rad black alloys that look like they are caging the red calipers, the twin chrome exhausts pipes and responsive, accurate and sporty steering and move on to the more practical side of the vehicle.

The load space is absolutely massive in the boot. It is the largest in its class so whether you are holiday touring or just taking Fido to the vets, you’ll have plenty of room to work with. There is great head and leg room in the back and can carry three adults comfortably and the pilots chair offers a particularly good driving position you can settle into for a long journey or a short hop down to ASDA’s for a spot of Hooning (if this is your thing) For those not sure what hooning actually is, Google Ken Block!

Skoda have borrowed the quality feel from its parent company Volkswagen and pretty much all the controls and plastics are of a decent look and feel, particularly the sat nav that works pretty quickly and accurately.

So, with all of these plus points, are there any downsides to owning a vRS? Well, we think not. It’s a perfectly well rounded well balanced car for someone that needs everyday practicality but wants that sporty edge in a car.

The only thing that has caused great debate at LeaseYourNextCar.com is what colour would you go for? Colour is a very personal thing and especially so when choosing a colour for a car. The Octavia vRS is no different. But seriously, could you opt for anything other than Race Blue?

Skoda Octavia RS

It seems that the old jokes for Skoda are a thing of the past and the monumental gains they have made to reaffirm this. They are a brand that can now compete with European volume brands offering quality vehicle at amazing prices.

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