What’s Your Choice? Petrol or Diesel

posted on Dec 17 2013 by Jade Hensby

What’s Your Choice? Petrol or Diesel

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when leasing a car is whether you will opt for a petrol or diesel car. It may not seem important, but making the right choice could save you money and time over the term of the lease.

Petrol Pump

There are three main factors that determine the choice between petrol and diesel cars, these are: economy, running costs and driving preference.

Economy has shown that in recent years diesel has become noticeably more expensive here in the UK than other parts of the EU and CO2 related tax structures also add to the diesel appeal as it is directly related to fuel consumption. Petrol may deliver up to 30% less fuel economy than a diesel equivalent, but there is a chance it could end up cheaper over the next three years.

Running costs far outweigh fuel consumption, since they cover all costs incurred like insurance, depreciation and servicing. Diesel cars can be dearer to service but although the diesel premium gets reduced as the car gets bigger.

Diesel cars can be less to and insure and tax, with diesel becoming more efficient over longer distances.

A diesel car develops maximum torque, which is the push required for speed at lower rpm. They can can also be a smoother ride than their petrol counterparts, efficiency wise dieseld sits at around 35% currently compared to the petrol's 27%.

If you find that you still can't decide which choice is best for you, why not head over to the articles section of LeaseYourNextCar.com website, and take an in-depth look at each choice and weigh up the pros and cons or give our team a call on 01273 789 900.