What's Great About Infiniti

posted on Aug 14 2015 by Josh Seymour

What's Great About Infiniti

Image courtesy of Motor Authority

We’ve got a cracking deal on a brand new Infiniti Q50 Saloon just come out (more on that in a minute) and it occurred to us that not many people are talking about Infiniti, which is a real shame with some of the brilliant cars they have and have up coming.

Firstly we want to highlight their new Vision GT supercar Concept, because this thing looks spectacular.

Debuting last year virtually in the Gran Turismo 6 game the Vision GT was turning heads with its slashing modern design and killer lines, it looks mean and fast and we like it! We weren’t the only ones thinking that. So after enough talking about it Infiniti created a real world version of this car which you can see in the picture above. Although it has made it as far as a real world version it doesn’t mean what-so-ever that we will get a real working version of the car. It seems very likely it’ll be added to the list of great concept cars that never made it.

Talking real world now though, Infiniti is to Nissan what Lexus is to Toyota. Their luxury brand with cars that don’t really fit into the usual lot you get from Nissan. Being that step up from a brand like Nissan sets Infiniti up to do extremely well. Sales for them have been good and steady in the US for a number of years now but not so much here in the UK. In fact there are only 1,466 registered Infiniti’s on the road in the UK, making owning an Infiniti more exclusive than an Aston Martin who have over 16,000*. Could be various reasons to this, or it could be that we’re just too used to the popular and reliable quality of the German brands we all know and love.

*Figures from Car Count UK

Regardless, Infiniti still have some great cars, like the Q50 Saloon.

Infiniti Q50 Saloon

Image courtesy of NetCarShow

We have two deals running right now on the Infiniti Q50 Saloon, both fantastic deals for the amount of car you get for your money. As you can see below;

Infiniti Q50 2.2 CDI Executive – Manual, Diesel           

            Infiniti Q50 2.0T Sport Multimedia - Auto, Petrol 

Bluetooth Bluetooth
Rear View Camera Rear View Camera
Front & Rear Parking Sensors Front & Rear Parking Sensors
Sat Nav Sat Nav
Cruise Control Cruise Control
Push Button Starter Push Button Starter
Voice Control System Voice Control System
5” Touch Screen 5” Dual Touch Screen
MPG: 64.20 Lane Assist
0-62: 8.7s Noise Cancellation
17” Alloys DAB
Lease From £209.66 Per Month Premium Audio System – 14 Speakers
  Automatic Headlights
  LED Headlights
  Leather Upholstery
  Electric Memory Front Seats
  19” Alloys
  MPG: 43.50
  0-62: 7.2s
  Lease From £289.00 Per Month

We don’t need to go on about how much car you are getting for your money here, you’ve seen the spec above, click through on the links to enquire on these deals and see more pics, videos and the brochure.

It’s already winning awards over in the states, looks like we’re behind and missing out here in the UK not that Infiniti hasn’t hit it off yet.