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What Should We Carry In Our Cars?

posted on Oct 09 2013 by Jade Hensby

What Should We Carry In Our Cars?

Have you ever found yourself standing on the hard shoulder after your car has broken down wishing you had certain items in the car It always seems to be that way; whenever you need something you have to wait. Well lets change that. Here is a short list of items you should carry in your car so that youll always be prepared.

Starting with the very basics, a flashlight is always going to help. What could be worse than getting a flat tire along a country road at night With the flashlights now available, you wont need to worry about having to free up your hands when you need to change those pesky tyres. There are some really useful ones that can be charged in your car too, so you don't need to worry about batteries.

Carrry a torch

On that note, tire-changing tools would help. This is an obvious one to lead off from, but it is amazing how often people find themselves without. Youll have no need to worry about the tools being there when you lease a car as youll be the first driver. Be sure to check you know where the spare tire is.

A tire pressure gauge is another tool that is only going to benefit you. When tyres have low pressure they can cause serious damage such as blowouts and can reduce fuel economy by 5%. By checking the pressure once a month youll be sure to have the best tyres around.

First-aid kit. It seems that most us have some sort of first aid kit at work and at home, so why not carry one in your car? You can include all the basics such as plasters and ibuprofen, and even medication for motion sickness. This is also very handy when travelling with kids. When leasing a car some of the models come with their own first-aid packs, so be sure to check with your dealer.

First Aid Kit

Ok so maybe its not essential to carry jumper cables everywhere you go, but it sure does help in a sticky situation. Youll find that if youre travelling as a party with more than one car this could be an item to carry with at least one of the cars- as car batteries like to have a mind of their own.

Other item that we feel here at Lease Your Next will benefit from being in your car include maps/sat nav and an old mobile phone. Youll find that with an old mobile phone they will still place 999 calls even if they have been deactivated. As those of you who have iphones know, the battery power can be a little disheartening.

So there you have it, a quick list of some items that could help you on your journey. After all, its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.