What Is It About Driving?

posted on Sep 26 2013 by Jade Hensby

What Is It About Driving?

Somewhere in the last few years we've lost our passion for driving. Gone are the days of cars making us independent, they're now our typical Monday morning commute to work, where you slowly amble along in the traffic questioning why you came this way in the first place! As drivers we need to reclaim the excitement we once felt, before it's too late.

Cast your minds back to the day you passed your driving test. Remember that feeling of pure freedom? Knowing that there were no constraints held on you- you could literally drive anywhere you wanted to. Even better, you drove for the sake of being able to drive; not because you had to be somewhere at a certain time. Driving was pleasure, it was a way to express your personality through the car you drove (albeit the first car you probably owned was older than time itself and could barely move!) but it was still your pride and joy.

Sundays are the day of rest. What makes them so perfect is knowing you dont have to be anywhere at a certain time, in a particular place. Heres something you can try, jump in your car and drive. You have the perfect mix of the open road, your favourite album, and the rayban wayfarers you wore religious in your teenage years. Roll down the windows and feel the breeze as you cruise along a country road, listening to your favourite country album feeling like an English redneck. Doesn't that sound like the drives you used to take?

It doesnt need to stop there- we can make those mundane commutes to work enjoyable again. Forget the destination and be in the moment. Sing your heart out to your favourite songs and never care about other drivers seeing you, you'll brighten up their day when they see you jamming along on your air guitar, the newest member of Kiss.  If you are commuting a lot why not treat your self to a better environment by leasing a brand new car then exchanging it every few years?


Cars are the ultimate convenience to our modern day lives, theres no doubt about it, and with the the option of leasing a car youll be spoilt for choice. You can lease the car that youve always wanted to drive in, enjoying every moment of it. Lets take pride in our cars once more, and look forward to the drive whatever the destination may be, as it wouldnt be nearly as fun if we were riding in a horse and buggy to work, would it

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