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This Week's Motoring News

posted on Jul 27 2015 by Kiri Nowak

This Week's Motoring News

Want to know about the latest news from the world of driving? We want to keep you in the loop and let you know about all the latest automotive news. This week in the news there’s selfies while driving, drivers losing their licence following eye tests, paying for fuel using smartphones, and a new future for sat navs. Check out the latest news stories below.

Driving Selfies - Stats Expose New Driving Distraction

selfie whilst dirving

Image courtesy of Auto Evolution

Of all the shocking things that people do whilst driving, taking a selfie is probably one of the worst. It’s not just text or talking on the phone anymore, some crazy motorists are actually taking pictures whilst behind the wheel. New research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed that one in five drivers are taking selfies at the wheel.

15% of young drivers have taken a selfie at the wheel, which is a very scary statistic. It’s impossible to understand why these people feel the need to do something like this whilst driving. One in 12 drivers also admitted to driving whilst using Skype or Facetime. Research has previously suggested that using your smartphone whilst driving is more dangerous than when using cannabis or driving at the legal alcohol limit.

609 drivers lose their licence following eye tests

brake eye tests

Police are now cracking down on drivers who are driving illegally with poor eyesight. ‘Cassies Law’ was introcuded in 2013 following a teeneager being killed by an elderly man who had failed an eye test. Officers can now ‘request an urgent revocation of the licence through the DVLA if they believe other road users would be at risk.’ (BBC News) Police have been carrying on the road eye tests where drivers are asked to read number plates, since this law was passed, 609 drivers have lost their licence.

TomTom will be used in self-driving cars

tomtom self driving

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Since smartphones have been able to be used as sat-nav devices the future of sat nav companies such as TomTom has been in question. Why spend £300 on a sat nav when you can get it for free on your phone? Sat navs do have more advanced features but many people feel they are not worth the cost. TomTom has secured its future for now by making its way into self-driving cars. The company has signed a deal with ‘Bosch to provide maps for the automotive supplier’s autonomous vehicle testing on roads.’ (

Pay for fuel using your smartphone

smartphone fuel pay

Image courtesy of Wales Online

Some day soon, drivers might be able to pay for fuel using their smartphones, making the process of filling up quicker and more convenient. A new partnership between Shell and PayPal will enable drivers pay for fuel using their phones at most of Shell’s UK petrol stations. It’s predicted that these changes will be rolled out towards the end of the summer. Click here for more information about the new Shell and PayPal scheme.