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Wear and Tear: How to Maintain Your Car

posted on Sep 24 2013 by Jade Hensby

Wear and Tear: How to Maintain Your Car

Maintaining a car can be a real headache; there always seems to be something new that needs maintaining. Let's make it simple - so for those who have leased a car they need not worry about handing it back at the end of their contract.

One of the main things that can become noticeably worn quickly is the tyres. Depending on where and how you drive, these should be checked regularly. Make sure they are inflated to the manufacturers specification. Also be aware of the tyre tread, as you could find yourself in trouble for having bald tyres!

It is recommened that the oil be changed every 3000 to 3500 miles, check your oil levels every week to ensure it doesn't need topping up.

Consider how many miles you will be doing as part of the lease, the national average is 10k but you can increase your allowance limit for a small increase. Your oil levels are your responsibility.

WIndows can easily get damaged - through no fault of your own. Carry out regular checks for any cracks on your windscreen.  If you drive on the motorway you do run a higher risk of debris from other vehicles causing damage to windscreens.

Leased cars have the added importance of being returned to the company in good condition, inside and out. When it comes to the interior it is always best to have it maintained on a regular basis- What youll pay in keeping it clean definitely outweighs the price youll pay if it is returned in an unacceptable manner.

Other things to keep an eye on are your fluid levels: water, coolant  and transmission fluids all keep the car running without any glitches.

If you take this bit of care of your vehicle you'll have a much easier transition when you lease your next car.

To find out more about the general terms and conditions of our cars, read our fair wear and tear standards.