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Ways To Keep Your Car Cool

posted on Jul 16 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Ways To Keep Your Car Cool

It’s starting to get very warm and humid now that summer has arrived. It’s lovely to be enjoying a proper summer, we have been gifted with a fair amount of sunshine this year. We had the hottest July day ever recorded, with temperatures hitting 36.7C, and it looks as though the great weather is set to continue. This means on the hottest days our cars will get very warm inside. Even if you have air conditioning, you will still have to get into a very warm car. If you want some relief from the heat, here are some handy tips to help keep your car cool this summer.

Park in the shade

A bit of an obvious one, but something a lot of people forget to do when they are in a rush. If at all possible, on hot summer days make sure you try and park in the shade. You will be grateful for it when you return to your car and climb inside.

Purchase a white car

Not particularly useful advice if you have a dark coloured car, but perhaps something to consider in the future. Those who have owned a black car will agree that it’s the worst colour to choose if you don’t like the heat. Black cars absorb the heat and can become extremely hot when temperatures are high.

Get a solar powered car cooler

Even cars with aircon are sometimes boiling hot when you return. It takes a few minutes for the aircon to cool the car down, and in the meantime you are sweating buckets. All you want on a boiling hot day is to get into a nice cool car. This solar powered car cooler expels hot air when your car is parked, so it’s not a furnace when you get into it on a hot day.

Give your car a break

Don’t drive for hours on end on a boiling hot day. Give your engine a break and some time to cool down. Older cars in particular can overheat on hot summer days.

Open the doors and windows before you get in

If you aren’t in a rush then you might want to open your windows and let some of the hot air escape before you get int.

Use air con over open windows

If you have air con, then use it. It is far more effective than opening your windows. Remember to close all your windows properly to make the most of your air con and keep the hot air out.

Lease a car with air con/climate control

If you are thinking about getting a new car this summer, consider leasing a brand new car with climate control. This will allow you to control the temperature and keep your car nice and cool. Better still, you could get a model that has dual climate control, so you never have to argue about the temperature being too hot or too cold. If you want to make the most of the British summer then why not lease a convertible car? Click here to see our latest car leasing deals.