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Washing Your Car: Get That Shine Back!

posted on Oct 22 2013 by Jade Hensby

Washing Your Car: Get That Shine Back!

It's great when you have a car that sparkles inside and out. But having to pay to get your car cleaned each week will quickly add up. Use these top tips to ensure that you can do the job just as well, while saving yourself a couple of quid!

All youll need:

Car wash soap- its the best component to ensure your wax isnt stripped off compared to using dish soap.

-A wash mitt, sponge or cloth.

-Two buckets

-Drying cloth(s)

Starting with those pesky stains, wash them off directly first; as they may not come off later when you are washing the entire car, as there is not enough pressure on each one to completely clean it off.

If the wheels of your car have seen better days then wash these before you wash the body of your car. Be sure not to wash them when they are hot as the heat will evaporate the cleaner and result in pesky spots. You can use the same cleaner as the car, but to get the real shine you could invest in wheel cleaner.

Rinse down the body of the car first, starting with the roof and work your way down. Be sure to pay special attention to the area around the windshield wipers as dirt tends to collect here. If you want to clean under the hood, avoid using the hose and instead use latex gloves and remove dirt and leaves with your hands.

Two buckets are needed for a great wash. The second bucket is used as a rinse bucket that will remove the dirt that your sponge has picked up. This avoids the dirt being washed back onto the car after the next rinse of the sponge.

Scrub your car from the top, down! This is important as you want to avoid those water marks. Be sure youre not ignoring the small cracks as this is where dirt loves to collect. You can use a fine brush on areas like this is you find you sponge isnt doing the job. After youve gone over your car- go over again! Using a soapy mitt will avoid the water streaks and will give the gleam to your car.

This stage of drying the car is usually where people think theyve finished and let the car dry in the sun. This will cause drying spots to appear so be sure to dry the car yourself! You can purchase drying towels which are designed to absorb ten times its weight in water! Just wipe it across the car and it will soak up the excess water.

The final step is the detail dry. Use another towel to get into the forgotten areas such as door frames to wipe away excess water. For those who want to wax the car- this is the place to do it!

So thats it. Using this simple and easy guide will ensure you get the cleanest car in your neighbourhood, and all from your own hard work. At Lease Your Next, we recommend particular products to our customers which will ensure the car hardly even needs cleaning! Sounds enticing Call the sales team today to find out more on 01273 789 900.