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Washing & Cleaning Your Lease Car

posted on Oct 10 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Washing & Cleaning Your Lease Car

If you want to keep your lease car looking good then you will need to have it washed regularly. You can take it to a professional car wash or you can do it yourself. If you don’t get your car cleaned regularly dirt can build up and end up scratching your paintwork. The interior of your lease car also needs to be kept clean, so you might want to get your car valeted regularly.

When you return your car after the lease period it needs to be in an acceptable condition. Washing your car on a regular basis helps to keep it well maintained. Click here for some helpful tips and advice on vehicle return standards.

Avoid taking your brand new lease car through a drive through car wash. This can scratch the paint and potentially damage your car. If you are going to take it to a car wash try and find a company you can rely on that does it by hand.

You can also wash your car yourself by hand. At least if you do it yourself you know the job will be done properly. If you do there are a few rules to follow and things to consider. Here are our top tips for washing your lease car:

  • Use high quality car cleaning products only. Don’t be tempted to use household products such as washing up liquid to wash your car, these products are not designed for cars. Plus you might end up making your car look worse than when you started.

  • Remember to read the manufacturer's instructions on the cleaning products you are using so you know how to use them. If you don’t read the instructions and make a mistake you could end up ruining your upholstery. It’s also wise to test any cleaning products you want to use on a small area to check they don’t cause any discolouration.

  • It’s also important to set aside specific products that are used for cleaning your car and nothing else. If you use them for other purposes they could get dirty and have harmful chemicals on them that could damage your car.

  • Wash your car in sections so that you know which areas you have covered. Don’t rush, clean your car when you have plenty of time to do it properly. Allow time to do a few checks on your lease vehicle as when you are washing it is the ideal time to spot any issues. It’s much easier to see scratches and dents when you are cleaning your car. You can then get them fixed before they get any worse.

  • It’s also worth getting your car waxed after you have washed it. Applying a layer of wax helps to protect the paintwork, and it makes your car look really shiny.

  • Remember not to leave your car unattended at all while you are washing it. Some people leave their windows open and cars unlocked while they are washing their car. Avoid doing this as you could easily be targeted by thieves. 

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