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Warm Weather Driving Tips

posted on Apr 09 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Warm Weather Driving Tips

As the first real period of warm weather arrives it's time to start thinking about summer driving. When temperatures increase there are a few things you need to check and be aware of.

Everyone’s spirits have been lifted now that spring seems to have finally arrived,but the last thing you want is for your car to breakdown. Avoid unnecessary problems and potentially dangerous hazards by be vigilant and cautious.

Here are some helpful warm weather driving tips to help you beat the heat.

Check your tyres

If your tyres are damaged then the heat could make them worse. Even though there isn’t snow and ice to contend with in the summer you still need to have good grip. Check your tyre pressure and tread on a regular basis and make sure you replace tyres when necessary. Punctures are also more likely to occur when tyres are hotter so remember to check for punctures regularly. When checking the tyre pressure when sure you do it when the tyres are cold.

Avoid overheating

Cars are obviously more likely to overheat in warmer weather. Check coolant level and the fan. Get your cooling system checked before you go on long journeys or do a lot of driving in hot weather. If the cooling fan isn’t working it can seriously damage your engine.

Be careful of sun glare

Sun glare can occur all year round but it happens more regularly in the spring and summer. Always have a good pair of sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the sun and help improve your vision when it’s really bright. Make sure you keep your windscreen clear so that you have adequate visibility. Check your windscreen wiper blades for damage as they could scratch your windscreen and decreased visibility.

Always have water in your car

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you are driving in warm weather. Always have water handy so that you can keep hydrated. If you breakdown and are stranded in the heat for a few hours you will be grateful for some fresh water. You might also need extra water to clear your windscreen so always keep some spare in your car.

Keep a fire extinguisher

It’s sensible to keep a fire extinguisher in your car all year round but even more so in the summer when there is a higher risk of fires.

Check fluid levels

It’s crucial to check all your fluid levels regularly. Your car needs to maintain the correct amount of fluids to function properly. Keep topping up fluids such as your windscreen wiper fluid, oil and engine coolant. Also, remember not to let your fuel get too low. You don’t want to break down and be sweltering in the heat just because you forgot to fill up with petrol.

Check your air conditioning

Air conditioning systems are especially important in the summer. Some people may not cope very well on a long journey if your air con breaks. To avoid this situation get it checked regularly. You can do a quick check yourself but checking that cold air is coming out before you set off. No one wants to get stuck in gridlocked traffic on a busy motorway like the m25 with no air conditioning.

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