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Wake Up To The Dangers Of Tired Driving

posted on Oct 12 2016 by Keith Langford

Wake Up To The Dangers Of Tired Driving

Which single factor is the most common root cause of fatal accidents and serious injuries on our roads? If you're thinking drink driving or excessive speed, you'd be wrong.

The answer, somewhat surprisingly, is driver fatigue with over 20% of accidents on Motorways and trunk roads caused by people getting behind the wheel while tired. It's a tricky problem to deal with effectively, motorists know that they should not be driving if they feel excessively tired but they will often carry on regardless, not fully aware of just how dangerous it can be or not appreciating just how tired they actually are - until it's two late.

There is a system, however, that might be able to help. ASTID (advisory system for tired drivers) is an electronic warning device designed to detect the tell-tale signs of driver fatigue and warn the driver before he or she becomes dangerously sleepy. The system is installed in a vehicle and collates data from a number of sources to recognise the conditions where fatigue could creep up on you.

ASTID monitors the length of journeys, steering wheel movement and checks the type of driving being undertaken to identify conditions where tiredness might set in. It also asks the driver to input the quality of sleep that they've had before setting off and works on the scientifically-proven basis that there are two general peaks for tiredness - one in the early morning and one in the late afternoon.

ASTID displays a series of green, amber and red lights that are displayed in sequence as more of the established conditions for tiredness are met, then an audible signal is issued when the different parameters indicate dangerous levels - warning the driver to stop as soon as possible.

More information on the ASTID system can be obtained by calling Peter Lyne on 07774 405734 or by e-mailing