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£299 - VW EOS 2.0 Tdi

posted on Aug 13 2008 by Kyle McWilton

For a limited time, we are able to offer this VW EOS 2.0TDi at an exceptional price of £299. Contract hire leasing of this car is available for both Business Users and Private individuals on a 2 year lease agreement. Call the Car Leasing Team today on 01273 789 900 for further details or see our latest VW deals for further details.

The VW Eos roof is a very complicated piece of design, with a five-piece (instead of the usual three) construction. The five sections are animated by an electro-hydraulic pump with a total of eight hydraulic cylinders. Its complicated, but its 25-second opening or closing operation is a very smooth (and mesmerising) production.

VW have emphasised that this isn't a convertible Golf. Looking at the nose you will see a it's family familiar, but it's all new, and the body doesn't share one single panel with any other VW. You will see it is longer than a Golf, and sits on a wider track andthe front suspension is pure Golf, while the rear set-up is derived from the Passat.

VW designers confirm that they have put a lot of effort into stiffening the Eos's structure, with the use of extra rigid steel in the floorpan and strengthening pipes inside the doors. Stepping inside the VE Eos's cabin it is clear to see it is trimmed in materials that feel of a high quality, and the general standard of fit and assembly is very good.

It is a hard-roofed coupe-convertible and the VW Eos will be safer than soft-tops in a rollover when the roof is in place. Driving with the roof-down, the aluminium roll bars will pop up in 0.25secs if sensors detect that a roll-over or inversion is imminent. On the safett issue it is an outstanding bit of passive safety ithere is the head and thorax bags that deploy laterally from the front screen surround (without a roof, these obviously can't be stored conventionally in the roof rails).

They cover the entire side window during an impact. All models have Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) and ISOFIX child-seat mounting points. Interestingly, the signal and brake lights are Light Emitting Diodes (LED). LEDs illuminate fractionally quicker than conventional bulbs, which could mean the difference between a panic-stop and a rear-end collision at high speeds. For security, the Eos sports an engine immobiliser, interior motion detector and towing protection.