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VW Create Most Efficient Car Ever

posted on Jan 14 2014 by Jade Hensby

VW Create Most Efficient Car Ever

Fuel economy has been pushed over the years to get beyond 100 miles per gallon. Reaching this mark has usually meant three different things must be correct: cutting weight, maximising aerodynamics and improving powertrain efficiency. 1999 saw Volkswagen come close, when they unveiled the Lupo 3L, a three cylinder coupe that could go 78.4 miles on one single gallon of diesel. Now, Volkswagen has beaten that record once more.

The team, lead by Ulrich Hackenberg, designed nearly every part of the XL1 from scratch. To trim weight and add strength they replaced some steel components, such as the chassis, with carbon-fibre ones. To reduce drag, they removed side-view mirrors and sculpted the body into a smooth, low-riding shape. Now the car is lighter, the 830cc, two cylinder diesel engines and the 20kW electric motor can propel the XL1 well beyond 500 miles on a single 2.6-gallon tank of fuel.

Volkswagen is producing a limited run of 250 XL1s for sale in Europe.