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Volvo´s City Braking System: It´s Safe. But Is It Good?

posted on Oct 05 2009 by Josh Seymour

Volvo´s City Braking System: It´s Safe. But Is It Good?

On first viewing of Volvo's City Braking System, you can't help think, "what a wonderfully useful feature". After all its only role is to reduce the chances of you having an accident in and around your town. Volvo claim on-board computers are processing calculations 50 times a second, constantly responding and adapting to the vehicles and obstacles in front of you. So, when you're moving around town at speeds less than 18mph, it's like a guardian watching over you.

If a car in front suddenly stops or a child runs out in the road, the system kicks in and helps you avoid a collision. For this Volvo can only be commended. There's no arguing, the system is safe. But is it good In my opinion, driving is a complete experience. You should be completely focussed on the car, the road and any potential hazards. My worry is, knowing there's a safety measure to prevent you crashing, will drivers become more care-free and less inclined to give the road their full attention What do you think

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