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Volvo V40 first to have Insurance Rating lowered by AEB

posted on Oct 03 2012 by Sam Jones

Volvo V40 first to have Insurance Rating lowered by AEB

After extensive testing of Volvo's version of Autonomous Emergency Braking, called City Safety, the latest Volvo V40 will be awarded with a lower insurance rating.

Results from the testing revealed that the technology, which will be fitted on the V40 as standard, was so effective at stopping low speed accidents that it should be taken into consideration when deliberating over the insurance rating of the car. Under these new criteria the V40 will be rated either two or three groups lower depending on the model.

This is the first time AEB has been introduced into the Association of British Insurers group rating calculations. This has happened to no other technology so soon after its introduction to the market which goes to show how much faith the industry has in its potential to dramatically reduce cases of accident damage and personal injury.

On the new V40 the City Safety system works at speeds of up to 31mph, and currently 19mph on other Volvo models, by automatically braking if the driver does not react in time when approaching a slowing or stationary vehicle. It was first built-in to XC60 models as standard in 2008 and Volvo have decided to now include it on all new models following its success.

Although the V40 is the only to be tested so far, we can expect more models to be awarded thanks to this technology in the near future.