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Volvo reveals first self-parking car to interact with road users

posted on Jun 25 2013 by Jo Petty


Volvo has just revealed details of their new innovative autonomous car which is the first in the world to actually interact with other road users.

The car has been developed so that it works with existing car park designs and uses sensors and transmitters placed in the road to navigate.

When approaching a car park, drivers will pull into a special drop-off zone and then command the car to park itself by using their mobile phone. It then goes and finds an empty space by using its sensors and will navigate around any other road users.

Once it's found a space, the car then sends its location back to the drivers mobile phone. When it comes to retrieving the car, the driver simply sends a retrieval message to the car and it navigates back to a designated pick-up zone.

Volvo has been developing autonomous driving for a number of years and its claimed to be safer, use less fuel and prevent traffic congestion.

Toscan Bennett, Vice President of Product Planning at Volvo said: "Autonomous driving is a foundational part of our safety strategy and a key enabler for our Vision 2020 which is to have no fatalities or serious injuries in a Volvo car in the year 2020."

The vehicles won't be on our roads for a while however, so use our car search tool to find the most up to date Volvos available.