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End of an Era: Volkswagen Kombi Reaches the End after 63 Years

posted on Dec 11 2013 by Jade Hensby

End of an Era: Volkswagen Kombi Reaches the End after 63 Years

For 63 years the faithful Volkswagen Kombi has carried families, hippies, surfers and workhorses across countries. It is with a sad heart that the VW Kombi has reached its final destination. The iconic vehicle has succumbed to environmental legislation which means that it will no longer be produced anywhere in the world.

Brazil is the only country that still produces the beloved model which was first introduced in Germany in 1950. However, come 20th December it will cease production due to new safety regulations coming into force from 2014 which mandates that every vehicle in the country must have air-bags and anti-lock braking.

As a farewell gesture Volkswagen is offering a limited final version of the Kombi to both buyers and collectors. There will be about 1,200 last edition models produced by the German manufacturer with an estimated price of £26,000.

VW Camper Interior

People across the world have been mourning the end of the iconic Kombi with some van lovers holding an exhibition in Brazil to honour the beloved minibuses. In total there were more than 10 million of the vehicles produced around the world with 1.5 million being made in Brazil since 1957. The vans were called the Type 2 because they were the second type to be offered by car maker Volkswagen with the first being The Beetle. In the UK and US the Type 2 became linked with youth culture, with advertising slogans not just a vehicle...more a way of life. However, in regions such as Latin America and Africa, the vehicle has been used in less romantic ways, used by the postal service to haul mail, by the army to transport soldiers, and finally by funeral directors to carry corpses.

One fan has stated that The van represents freedom. It has a magic and charm lacking in other vehicles. Its all about the open road, about bringing smiles to peoples faces when they see an old VW van rolling along.  It seems well just have to live with the memory of those vintage vans on an open road.