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Vertu's Bentley Phone

posted on Oct 16 2014 by Gabe Grover

Vertu's Bentley Phone

Earlier this week, (14/10/14) Vertu, who are a luxury fashion phone brand released a new phone in collaboration with Bentley. Owned by Nokia, Vertu are most popular in Russia and Asia and have previously released a range of high end, overpriced mobile phones, with less functionality of a phone a fraction of the price.

Just this week Vertu announced they were releasing a Bentley phone, and it costs £10,700 at base, yes ten thousand pounds, and for things like lizard skin, you can pay more! To put that into perspective, you can buy about 12 new Iphones with that much money. So of course, the question of how on earth this phone is worth the absurd amount of money it costs is raised. Here’s Vertu’s justification of the price.

Each phone is handmade by a single individual at Vertu’s Headquarters in Hampshire,and of course, features Vertu’s V shape on the top of the phone. After assembling the phone, which consists of a quilting of genuine calf leather that comes in Bentleys classic tan shade, which is also stitched with Bentleys same diamond pattern you’d find on one of their continentals. The casing of the phone is made out of lightweight titanium, with a diamond knurling finish. The phone has a 13MP rear facing camera, and a 2.2MP front facing camera, both of which are protected by a layer of super strong sapphire glass, (the same material used on the cameras of the new Iphone 6’s). The same worker that makes the phone then has their signature engraved into the inside of the casing.

On the inside, the phone is nothing special. Boasting a 2.3GHz processor and 64gb storage, it’s not miles better than a normal high end phone, in fact, you can get phones with more power for less than 10% of the Vertu’s cost.
So where’s the incentive to buy this phone, well CE Massimiliano Pogliani states that both the ‘contemporary embodiment of British craftsmanship’ and Vertu’s concierge service, that according to Vertu, provides the owner with a range of VIP opportunities. For example, a person on the other end of the 24h/7 services could get you tickets to a sold out show, or a reservation to the best hotel in your town. But is that service enough to justify the vulgar price?