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Vauxhall announces its new Monza concept car

posted on Jul 10 2013 by Jo Petty

Vauxhall announces its new Monza concept car

Vauxhall has announced its first coupe for 16 years which is to be revealed in all its glory at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

The Monza was partially unveiled by Vauxhall's CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann and shows what looks like a sleek new design, hoping to bring the car manufacturer to the forefront of car design.

Signature Vauxhall themes have been enhanced in the new design, including a deeper crease on the bonnet and a redesigned chrome grille bar.

Name origin

The name Monza has already been used by Vauxhall when the Royale was branded this way in certain countries from 1978-1982.

The original was the first car that featured a digital display on the dashboard and the new concept hopes to be just as groundbreaking with its design and technology, although no precise details have been revealed so far.

Neumann said: "The Vauxhall Monza concept is our vision of Vauxhall's future and stands for our fundamental values: German engineering and precision, combined with enthralling design and innovations suitable for everyday use."

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place from 14-22 September and is one of the biggest motoring shows in the industry.

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