Using a Mobile could cost drivers £5.4m a year.

posted on May 19 2008 by Jade Hensby

Using a Mobile could cost drivers £5.4m a year.

The AA has recently conducted a study and their findings have identified there is a strong possability that using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving is likely to cause your insurance premium to rise.

Thestudy of eight major insurersdiscovered that one company refused to provide cover for someone after just one mobile telephone offence. Theother 7 increased their premiums by up to 18%. A calculation has concluded thatmotorists nationwide could be spending an extra 5.4 million a year as a result of these charges.

Using a mobile phone whilst drivingbecame an offence in 2003. However, drivers can also be charged with either dangerous or careless driving as a result, which combined with a mobile phone offence, could lead to a ban. The study found that only half the insurers would cover drivers who receive this conviction.

Those who are given a 'CU80' (the police designation for using mobile telephone whilst in charge of a motor vehicle) receive a 60 fine and three penalty points or the maximum fine of 1000 for conviction in court. Drivers who acquire more than 11 points in three years they will be disqualified.

The simple rule is"Don't even think about not telling your insurer. When you take out or renew your cover,the insurerwill ask if you have incurred any endorsements on your licence and not telling the truthcould compromise your insurance cover."

Statisticsby the Transport Research Laboratory showed that a typical person's reactions slowed down by more than 50% when they were on the phone. The same report concluded that this had a greater effect than driving at the national drink-drive limit, which produced a 30% reduction on average.

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