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US Rules Will Put The Brakes On Self Driving Cars

posted on Dec 17 2015 by Roy Shipston

US Rules Will Put The Brakes On Self Driving Cars

Cars of the future will need a human at the wheel. Self-drive cars might not be allowed to drive themselves when they hit the roads!

US regulators are going to insist a qualified driver must be in the vehicle and the UK’s Department for Transport is likely to follow suit. Draft proposals by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles state the revolutionary vehicles must have a human driver on board in case of technical failures and emergencies.

But this will just be an initial precaution while the driver-less cars prove themselves. However, people who use the vehicles will have to have special training as they will be responsible in the event of accidents and motoring offences.You can’t fine a computer!

Prospective users of self-driving cars will need to undergo special training and manufacturers will be required to monitor the cars' use. The self-drive vehicle Lexus is developing has normal controls in case of an emergency but Google’s self-drive car doesn’t. Tesla, Ford and Uber are among the companies working on driver-less cars.

Motor manufacturers are spending millions on developing the cars of the future but it seems they will not be available to the public for some time to come. The technology involved still has some way to go and the authorities in California are going to insist the vehicles will be immune to cyber attacks.

Source: BBC Self-driving cars 'must have driver', regulators insist