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Top 8 Stupid Places To Park

posted on Apr 30 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Top 8 Stupid Places To Park

We have all seen terrible examples of parking. Some people can’t seem to park straight and others decide to park in the strangest of places.  Recently there have been a few incidents where thoughtless drivers have blocked in hundreds of cars. For example, there was recently an incident at Cradley Heath railway station park and ride where 170 motorists where blocked in for more than three hours. In another example 80 parked cars were blocked in by just one stupidly parked car.

There are some places that you really shouldn’t park. Some are just downright stupid places to park and others are completely illegal. There are some motorists who are very selfish and don’t think twice about where they park. Here are 8 places that you really should not park (but unfortunately some people still do).

1.       Next to or on speed bumps

2.       Covering the whole pavement

3.       Across two disabled bays

4.       On a zebra crossing

5.       Blocking people in

6.       In the middle of the road


7.       In a bus stop

8.       On a junction