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Top 5 Car Tech Trends For 2015

posted on Dec 23 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Top 5 Car Tech Trends For 2015

2014 has been an exciting year in the automotive industry, but 2015 is set to be even better. There are many innovative new concepts on the horizon that are set to change the driving experience forever. Here are our top 5 car tech trends that we think will be making an impact in 2015. Only time will tell if we are right.


Driverless cars have really made their mark in 2014, with Google Driverless Cars generating a huge amount of buzz. Throughout 2014 people have been discussing the concept of driverless cars and debating whether they will be able to safely fit into our world. Next year the technology will be developed and tested further, and we may even see a few driverless cars being tested on roads around the world.

Their success will depend on whether they meet legal requirements and are proven to be safe and dependable enough. Cars are already incorporating autonomous features such as collision prevention and emergency braking. Watch this space.

2. Self-parking

Self-parking kind of falls within the driverless cars category but it will be a trend in its own right. Self-parking cars will come first. This will be an extremely useful feature for a lot of people, especially those with limited mobility. It will also be handy for drivers who dislike parking or a just generally very bad at it. Would you just a self-parking feature to park your car successfully?

3. In car Wi-Fi

As people are now constantly connected they expect to be able to access the internet wherever they are. Now people want to be able to stay connected in their cars and car manufacturers are beginning to meet this demand. Some cars now have Wi-Fi built in, but you can easily buy a Wi-Fi dongle that plugs into your cigarette lighter or USB port.

4. Apps

The smartphone interface will be brought to the dashboard of cars, enabling drivers to take advantage of a huge range of apps. From navigation apps to safety apps, there will be many apps develop to enhance the driving experience and also journeys for passengers.

5. Laser headlamps

Laser headlamps may also prove popular in 2015 as they are superior to the LED’s that are currently being used. The light that they produce enables drivers to see twice as far and they are more durable and use less energy. You can currently get them as an added extra on the impressive BMW i8.