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Top 8 Things To Do With Your Old Tax Disc

posted on Oct 14 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Top 8 Things To Do With Your Old Tax Disc

We said farewell to the tax disc when it was abolished on the 1st of October. The tax disc is no more, instead everything is done electronically. However, the tax disc will remain a piece of British history and it seems some people and finding it difficult to give theirs up.

Drivers have found creative ways of using their old tax disc holder, such as using it to store money, stamps and even biscuits. What will happen to everyone’s redundant tax disc? Here are 8 things to do with your old tax disc, the choice is yours.

1. Keep it

If you want to have a memento to remember the days when we had tax disks then why not keep yours? Store it away so that you can dig it out in the future and reminisce about the old days.

2. Sell it

You could try and sell your tax disk. Demand for old task discs has started to rise and some motorists are selling theirs for surprisingly large amounts of money. Some can be found on ebay for around £50 and the prices are expected to rise. The very last tax disc, is currently on buy it now for £1,000. You could sell yours now or keep it for a few years when it will probably be worth a lot more.

Image courtesy of Ebay

3. Collect old tax discs

Why not take inspiration from Jude Currie, 12 from Cobham who has collected over 12,000 discs that date back to 1926. Experts think his collection will sell for a lot of money, especially since the discs have now been scrapped. That’s an impressive collection.

4. Turn it into a piece of art

Another option is to turn your disc into a work of art. Artists have been getting creative and finding ways to turn old tax discs into fascinating pieces of art. Turn them into something creative yourself or get an artist to create something for you. Get your car tax disk inserted into a glass table or put in a frame on your wall. Simon Wells, used over 80 tax discs to create this awesome piece of art.

5. Coaster

Always running out of coasters? Use your old tax disc as a temporary coaster or have it made into a proper coaster that you can keep. They're the perfect shape for placing mugs and glasses on.

6. Bookmark

Use your old tax disk as a temporary bookmark. Simply fold it and place it on the page you want to save. It may not be the most upmarket bookmark in the world, but it will do the job!

7. Get it printed onto a mug

Don’t want to say goodbye to the tax disc forever, you could always get it printed on a mug. That way you will be reminded of the old disc every time you have a cup of tea.  You can get almost anything printed on a mug including your last ever task disc.

8. Recycle it

Let’s face it, not everyone cares about the disappearance of the tax disc. Some people are happy to get rid of theirs and don’t really care where they end up. If you're not bothered about keeping yours then at least make sure it goes into your recycling bin.

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