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Top 10 Car Gifts this Christmas

posted on Dec 15 2014 by Gabe Grover

Top 10 Car Gifts this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and with that comes the sudden necessity of gifts for nearly everyone you know. Sometimes this can be overwhelming so we’ve created a definitive list of Christmas gifts you can buy your loved ones for their cars.
Here are 25 gifts for your car this Christmas:

GoPro Hero4: Silver edition: £274, Black edition: £350

Go Pro Silver

An essential gadget gift this Christmas is GoPro’s new Hero4 camera, being their most recent model in their 4 model range, the Hero4 films stunning video at 1080p, 720p and can shoot at 24,30, 60 and an extremely impressive 120 frames per second which gives you some jaw dropping slow motion footage.
The reason for which this product made our list is due to the amount of individuals that use these cameras as a dashboard camera on their car. 

Being extremely common in Eastern Europe, the GoPro camera’s fisheye lens if perfect for filming everything in front of you as you drive. The GoPro Hero4 costs £250 but you can get hold of an older model with good spec for a much lower price.

Navdy: £250

Navdy Screenshot Projector

When we told you what are favourite gadgets are when it comes to kitting out your automobile, our favourite gadget was the unreleased Navdy. There’s no simple way to describe the Navdy so if this makes little sense click here to watch their brilliant demo film. Navdy is an external HUD (Heads up Display) for your car. You simply connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and it can be used to do several things that were once close to impossible whilst driving. For example, Navdy allows the user to navigate its interface by using nothing but a combination of voice commands and hand gestures, (there’s a laser on Navdy that detects specific motions in front of it). 

This incredible device is available for pre-order now. You may not receive Navdy until after Christmas, but we’re sure your loved one won’t mind the wait once they see what this brilliant product is capable of.

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection: £35

Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection
Does your significant other spend absurd amounts of time polishing and scrubbing every nook and cranny on their prized motor? If so, there’s nothing better to buy them than this complete bodywork and wheels cleaning set from Autoglym, costing only £20, it’ll keep your loved one busy for days on end!

Dent’s Leather Driving Gloves: £80

Dent Gloves

If your significant other loves to drive but maybe lacks in the stylistic department, Dent’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves are the perfect item for their glove box this Christmas season. Available in 7 different colours, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for any person.

Motormouse: £16

Motor Mouse

This fun little gift is a great stocking filler, costing only £16 it’s a steal. Coming in 3 models, either a mini style car, an Aston martin looking car or just a generic sports car bodied mouse. They come wired or wireless, in a selection of colours, and some even come with their boots open.

Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive 32GB:

Lack of memory can be one of the most frustrating struggles we go through these days. And the thing that clogs up memory more than anything for the majority of us, is music. Sandick’s Wireless flash drive has a 32gb capacity, capable of storing around 10,000 songs. Which should be more than enough for that long road trip ahead.

Automatic: £100

Know anyone who could maybe do with some improvement in front of the wheel? Or maybe someone who's obsessed with improving his or her driving skills? Then Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is the perfect gift for them. You simply plug the device into the data port of your car, connect it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth through the dedicated app, and finally enter the designated security code. Then as soon as you drive Automatic will be tracking ever move you make. This information is then relayed to the brilliantly simplistic app that displays all the data through scores, meaning you can effortlessly comprehend all the data Automatic has given you, without being a mechanic. Automatic costs about £100 including import tax from across the pond. 

Forza Horizon 2: £44 (£33 on sale at Tesco)

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 is the second instalment to the absolutely brilliant open world game by Playground games. Being an Xbox exclusive, ony owners of either the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One will have the priveledge to drool over the visually stunning aesthetics in this game. 

Not only are the cars incredibely detailed, but the environment in which you can drive is enormous.  There's a vast and varied range of cars at the player's disposal, catering to nearly every taste there is when it comes to cars. This game is available for purchase for £33 at Tesco and is also available in a range of bundles that include an Xbox One console.

Project CARS: £44

Project CARS or Community Assisted Racing Simulator however, is on the other side of the driving game spectrum. Being a hard core, barebones driving simulator, the game is far less forgiving when it comes to the difficultyn of driving compared to driving games like Forza Horizon, The Crew or the Need For Speed franchise. 
It features a range of racetracks from across the globe and an assortment of cars ranging from single seaters to supercars. 

This game features what are perhaps the most impressive visuals we've ever seen in a driving game, ever. Project CARS is being released on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 this December. 

Chocolate Road Signs: £13

Know someone with a bit of a road rage habit? Maybe feeding them the signs they ignore will get the point across. Nothing like devouring a chocolate version of the 30mph speed limit road sign that drives you crazy on those empty roads.