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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

posted on Oct 30 2015 by Ryan Plavenieks

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show is underway and as expected there are some mind blowing concepts from the eastern big hitters of the industry (Nissan/Mazda/Toyota) as well as some new to market European models.  Follow hastag #44thtms on Twitter for latest updates


The first mention of the show must go to the aggressively styled and breath taking Nissan 2020 Vision Grand Turismo.

Nissan 2020 Vision Grand Turismo


If Nissan are looking for a new poster child to adorn the bedroom walls of teenagers all over the world then this is it. Possibly being the next evolution of the GT-R and coming in an all electric version Nissan are keen to keep the Grand Turismo firmly in the minds of the public. The bold design and carbon panels and huge rear diffuser look totally stunning are really show the direction that Nissan want to go in with their high end sports cars.


Equally to Nissans offering is the Mazda RX-Vision .

Mazda RX-Vision

Mazda’s love affair with the Rotary engine is still in full flow and marking 50 years since they first launched their rotary engine they now have this. All hail the RX-Vision Concept.

Mazda say they have designed this car with a nod to the past encompassing the best of what has been whilst still firmly looking to the future. Expected to be a rear wheel drive and 300bhp there could also be an option of supercharging or hybrid technology on offer. Mazda admit there can be improvements made for issues such as reliability and fuel efficiency but they are working to get comparable performances compared to a regular combustion engine.


Along with all the futuristic styling’s on offer and space aged designs with Jaguar newest offering, the F-Pace, the future is now!

The concept on offer in Tokyo the F-Pace offers state of the art technology including what is praised as the most advanced infotainment system on offer. Called the InControl Touch Pro this multi media in car feature connects to the internet, controls the cabin climate and ambient lighting allows you to personalize the set up of the vehicle and can even offer shortcuts to journeys when using the navigation. Other features include 2d/3d display, voice navigation, fuel improvement application, lap timer and g force reader.

Jaguar F-Pace

Honda & Toyota

At a motor show you can always be assured of the weird and wonderful being on show and Tokyo doesn’t disappoint.

Honda has unveiled a unique upright autonomous vehicle. It sort of looks like a photo booth and a storm troopers helmet and allows the occupants complete freedom of movement. The Omni traction drive can move the car forwards, backwards, laterally and diagonally thus opening up the realms of where the wander stand can explore.

Honda Wander Stand Concept

Following in the vein of strange and new, Toyota’s new in car companion or rather “compact sized communication partner” is a fascinating idea designed to let owners communicate in a meaningful way via expressions and gestures. Small enough to fit into a cup holder, Kirobo mini can respond to voice requests and is supposed to pick up on driver’s emotions.

Toyota Kirobo

Great news for Hollywood celebrities everywhere!  The new Prius was on show. Improvements on fuel economy and styling are set to breathe new life into what some will regard as the car that sparked the hybrid revolution.

toyota prius

Also worth a mention from Toyota is the Kikai concept. Instead of the digital and space age materials usually on off at shows like this the Kikai is celebrating all that is mechanical. Meaning machine in Japanese, Kikai shows the beauty of engineered workings and precision mechanics usually away from view on modern automobiles.

Toyota Kikai Concept

The land of the rising sun has given us plenty to think about at this year’s show. Incredible concepts and production vehicles alike have left show goers mesmerized by what can be achieved and what is now available to the market. Manufactures are pushing the boundaries more than ever to become greener, leaner, bigger, better, faster stronger and more accessible to tempt potential customers. Much more diversity and personalization is on offer from whatever angle you need to be coming from. Never before has there been so much on offer and so much diversification in the automotive sector.

Opinions, taste and perception can differ immensely. It’s an individual thing! So, as we sign off from Tokyo and leave the land that gave us Hello Kitty, Dekotora and Lolita, we’ll leave you with some pictures of some awesomely opinion dividing vehicles.

All images courtesy of Tokyo Motor Show.

Dihatsu Nori Ori Dihatsu Tempo
Dihatsu Nori Ori
Lexus LF FC Nissan IDS Concept
Lexus LF FC Nissan IDS Concept
Toyota FCV Plus
Toyota FCV Plus