Guest Post - Tips for selling your car in winter

posted on Feb 06 2014 by Wesley at

Guest Post - Tips for selling your car in winter

So you’ve decided it’s time to sell your car, but you can’t wait til the spring or summer when you have the weather on your side? Online car buying service Trusted Car Buyers reveal how despite the rain and the cold, you can still sell your motor for a great price.

Whilst it’s not the best time to sell, with maintenance and planning, you can sell your used car this winter, no problem. Whether you’re looking to shift your old car or looking to maintain your leased one before trading it back in this winter, here are a few words of wisdom.

1. If selling privately, keep your driveway clear

Presentation is everything. Attention to detail on your driveway conveys a similar sense when someone comes to value and test-drive your car.

Importantly, any dirt or snow should be cleared, as it can flick onto your vehicle or worse yet, be transferred into the interior of your car when your prospective buyer test-drives the car – meaning the need to tidy up again (and again) should the first few walk away.

2. Warm car, positive mind

In extreme cold, it’s important to test how well the defroster works. Warming your car up by giving it a quick run-around for 10 or 15 minutes will reduce the need for the defroster when your prospective buyer hops in.

Unsurprisingly, keeping your vehicle warm and airing it out a little will provide a more comfortable environment for the test-driver. Just like a blast of warm air when you enter a shop, positive endorphins are released, so you’ve a greater chance of making the right impression and closing a deal.

Studies from air curtain providers suggest it could increase your chances of a sale by as much as 40%.

3. Wheels and tyres can let you down

Slush, water and dirt are your worst enemies when trying to keep your car presentable in the winter. Driving through puddles gives your car (and possibly pedestrians) more than just a splash-back: after the water dries, the dirt from the ground remains.

Simply washing your wheel rims and wheel arches with a sponge and hot soapy water prior to an appointment with a potential buyer won’t necessarily make your car drive any better, but it will help again with the overall presentation of the car.

If you’re in an area of the country affected by snow and ice, using something firm like a broom handle will help you to knock that off.

Prolonged exposure to poor weather conditions can cause long-term damage to your wheels and tyres, decreasing the value of your car too.

Final advice

Lastly, if you’re in any doubt that extreme weather conditions might affect the safety of the driver or cause traffic problems, it may be worth rescheduling. Driver safety is of utmost importance.

If out on a test-drive, remember to make sure you maintain at least double the stopping distance.

For more general tips, offer more motoring advice before selling your vehicle on their blog.