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The Mini Hatch: Not So Mini Anymore?

posted on Nov 19 2013 by Jade Hensby

The Mini Hatch: Not So Mini Anymore?

The tightly wrapped mini was finally unveiled and has caused some commotion. The car was revealed before some VIPs which included Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin who has said that Mini has undergone a remarkable renaissance under the German parent company BMW, but exactly what does the general public think of this once British classic Is it still beloved or has it gone too far now?

The first Mini was built in 1959 and was known as the revolutionary small car. Only recently Prime Minister David Cameron described the Mini as a classic British icon and he welcomed the investment that will help boost British exports. So whats different about this new mini

For starters, this Mini enjoys so many high-tech gadgets that it has grown in size to be the biggest-ever version of Britains best-loved small car. It is now two and a half feet longer, seven inches wider and two inches taller than the original mini of 1959. Other differences include almost 4 inches longer body, more than 1.5 wider and about 0.3 inches taller than its predecessor, making room for enhanced shoulder space, larger foot wells and more room for adjusting front seats whose bases have been lengthened by about 1 inch, providing extra comfort and support.

The boot space is another part of the car that has seen some changes, being increased to 211 litres.

The technology on this car is impressive. Drivers can plug their iPads and iPods in to play music and then control them through the Mini Connected system.

Mini Hatch

In terms of spec, the new Mini features these brand-new supercharged, fuel-efficient engines designed to deliver better than ever performance and give owners even more fun behind the wheel. The Mini Cooper S petrol version will do 0-62 in just 6.7 seconds, and a top speed of 145mph. Offered in this range is a choice of three transmission systems:

  • Six speed manual
  • Six speed automatic
  • Six speed sports automatic

Although this car sounds impressive, it does seem a million miles away from what the British public knew and loved, with many people saying it has lost the British originality now. However Mini has said that the design was evolutionary, rather than revolutionary.

Release dates are expected to be announced shortly for 2014 - but you can view the latest mini lease deals here.