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TfL planning to lower Congestion Charge threshold to 75g/km

posted on Dec 06 2012 by Sam Jones

Transport for London and considering plans to lower the congestion charge threshold to 75g/km. The new proposal would mean up to 19,000 car owners presently exempt from Londons Congestion Charge would have to pay the £10 fee.

The current threshold is 100g/km with any car emitting less than this avoiding the daily charge but Transport for London are planning to lower this to 75g/km. The proposed changes would also increase the non-payment fine by £10 to £130 if they are to go ahead next spring.

However, motorists who would no longer qualify for exemption would not have to begin paying the fee until 2015. At present there are just nine models on sale in the UK that emit less than 75g/km with none of these being purely diesel or petrol. Six of the models which would be exempt are all-electric cars.

The charge was introduced in 2003 and TfL state that traffic has been reduced by 25% in central London ever since. It also claims that between 2007 and 2011 traffic delays fell by 3.1% and 4.2% in central and inner London respectively. Despite this, it intends to reduce congestion further with the proposed changes.