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Tesla's New Toys

posted on Oct 16 2014 by Gabe Grover

Tesla's New Toys

Tesla Motors were founded in 2003, and have since, been at the forefront of the electronic sports car market. CEO Elon Musk, who has been described as ‘the real life Tony Stark’ (Iron Man), is internationally known for being an early adopter of life changing technologies and developments, like his risk of investing incredible amounts of money into PayPal, who, as you probably know by now, are massive.

He also has a couple of wacky, futuristic, utopian ideas like the Hyperloop, SpaceX and SolarCity. All of which, could potentially change the way our world views transport.

Based in California, Tesla Motors have been, since the reveal of the ‘Model S Concept’ in 2009, increasing in size both in terms of customers, company size and popularity. Tesla revealed their first vehicle in 2009, named the Tesla Roadster; it was the first ever fully electrically powered sports car.

The company’s number of employees doubled in less than two years, from 3,000 full time employees in 2012 to over 6,000 as of January 2014.
Tesla market their vehicles to people they call ‘Thought leaders’, but they aim to release a mass market car by 2017.

Earlier this week (13/10/2014), Elon Musk announced the new technologies Tesla had both been working on, and were releasing. The first of which was figured out by fans over the internet, Tesla’s new ‘Dual – Motor’ option is a huge step for the brand. By placing two digitally connected motors in the car; one at the front, and one at the rear of the car, the cars are able to shift dynamically between the two motors, dramatically improving torque.
This additional motor also improves the Model S’s acceleration, specifically on the P85D Model, to 0-60Mph in 3.2 seconds. To emphasise this power, Musk revealed the three driving modes available, one of which provided comical relief for the conference, ‘Normal, Sport and insane’, as Musk laughs at the immense electronic power the car he’s releasing has.

The next technological advancement that Tesla has made to their cars is their new set of ‘AutoPilot’ features. Consisting of three main components, Autopilot will provide the driver with a well needed feeling of peace of mind when at the wheel.

Beginning with the forward facing radar mounted on the front of the car, which has an extremely long range and is able to see through rain, sleet, fog, smoke snow and even sand. The next component of Autopilot is the image recognising camera, which has the ability to detect road signs, pedestrians and traffic lights, this camera also acts as a backup to the front facing radar.
The last piece of technology implemented in new model S’s, is the inclusion of a 360 degree long range ultrasonic sonar that provides what is essentially a safety cocoon around the car; the car can detect cars in the driver’s blind spot. It can also detect small objects like animals or children the forward facing camera cannot, the radar will recommend the safest move possible, and if the driver does not respond, it will autonomously try and make the safest move possible in a hazardous situation. This mode will operate at all speeds, ensuring your safety no matter where you are.

The cars will also include safety features that people have come to expect from a luxury car over the past few years, namely cruise control, active lane keeping, active emergency breaking and self parallel parking.
The best part about these features is that they seamlessly connect to the SatNav with real time traffic info. The most shocking announcement Musk made, was the fact that when on  private property, the car will park itself in your garage, and the owner can even summon the car to their position. On top of that, the calendar can be set to schedule the car to meet the owner at a specific location and time, with scheduled air conditioning, temperature and music.

Tesla happen to have recently opened a showroom at Gatwick, click here for directions!