Tesla - The Future Now

posted on Sep 11 2015 by Josh Seymour

Tesla - The Future Now

Over here at LeaseYourNextCar.com we’ve been getting excited the last few weeks by giving some much due attention to the Tesla Model S. We’re actually astounded by the technology in these cars. The things they can do really are the future of driving ready and working right now, and that’s not the only thing Tesla are working on to give us the future of transport - sooner rather than later.

To cut right to the exciting part everyone has heard of and knows of the reaction videos of the 0-60 rollercoaster-ride that the Model S can do. The original ‘Insane Mode’ that came out with the P85D can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds:

If that doesn’t impress you enough already there’s an upgrade to the Model S that’ll to give it a new beastly battery, the 90kWh battery pack and a few software changes. It’ll give it a new ‘Ludicrous Mod’ pushing its 0-60 time to only 2.8 seconds... If that doesn’t sink in enough that’s as fast as the Lykan Hypersport and faster still than the Ferrari 458 Italia or a Porsche 911 GT3.

This is on-top of the ridiculous amount of tech inside each of these cars, check out the dashboard:

Tesla Model S Dashboard

That’s a big screen by any standards, 17 inches of control for every single thing in the car. From exactly where you want the sunroof or the suspension, to streaming music from your phone and navigating across the country. This one screen has to be the most advanced of its type in any car, it automatically changes colour scheme based on the time of day, it's fast and instant in any of the options you select and the multi displays allows you to do many of these things at once! The only fault you may well come up against is having too many options for everything. Easily a car for those of you that like your gadgets and gizmos.

Next we can look a little more at the design of this car, taking from a lot of modern designs you can see a little bit of Jaguar or Maserati maybe even some Aston Martin in there. One thing they did concentrate on is its efficiency, this car has the lowest ever drag coefficient of any production car, being just 0.24. The reason for working so hard to get the air to flow perfectly around the car is simple: the more efficient it is in all areas of performance, the better range you’ll get on the batteries.

So enough on its impressive performance, you might be thinking that a car that can go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds might not be a safe car, not a safe family car at the very least. Surprisingly the Model S has actually achieved the best safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, than ever other car they have ever tested. That included scoring 5 stars on all categories and setting a new record for the lowest possibility of passenger injury.

There is a few highlights that stand out from the safety test, firstly, being electric it doesn’t have the usual massive engine at the front which means it has a bigger crumple zone. It used technology similar to the Apollo Lunar Lander to make pole side impacts on the car either stop the car or deflect off before the pole hits a passenger. Most impressively, they tried to test the probability of rolling the car and literally couldn’t do so via the usual methods. i.e. driving like a nutter. The centre of gravity with the entire bottom of the car being a big battery is jsut too low. They had to literally get a machine in to flip the car over to test its roof. There has only ever been 1 fatality in a Tesla Model S, that was a chap who stole it from a servicing centre and was off trying to speed away from police when the accident happened.

That’s enough on the Model S, there are lots of other things Tesla are up to like the Hyperloop, a super high speed rail that’s getting approved for a test case 5 mile stretch to be created over in California. This system would allow travel at the speed of 800mph, and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO wants to create a network of this across America and I guess then, the world. Apparently this would be a 1000% improvement on today’s transport.

Then there’s this odd looking charging point that could be the end of having to get out of your car to refuel, or in Tesla’s case re-charge:

At that I rest my case, there is no arguing it. Tesla is already hard at work creating the technologies which could be the future of transport. It could revolutionise our transport and our entire way of life.

One step at a time through first you might as well get yourself a new Model S on lease to start with.