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Tax Disc in Post: Maybe Not For Next Year

posted on Dec 10 2013 by Jade Hensby

Tax Disc in Post: Maybe Not For Next Year

Those pesky tax discs. For years they've been an expense and hassle. We knew we had to show them at all times, as both the police and traffic wardens would check them. But now things are changing...

Chancellor George Osborne will announce today that the tax disc that has been displayed since 1921 will vanish from next October as Vehicle Excise Duty is brought into the 21st century. The checks to see if drivers have paid their road tax will now be done electronically using the databases, as most do at the moment.

Old Tax Disk

This move comes after the number of visual checks by the police across the UK dropped by 75% since 2008. It is estimated that motorists will be £20 million a year better off, all because of the move. Businesses will also save £7 million in admin costs. Some of the savings will be passed on to the motorists, with the six month road tax charge falling from 10% to 5%, with drivers having the option of paying by monthly by direct debit for the first time in motoring history.