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Taking Good Care Of Your Lease Car

posted on Oct 01 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Taking Good Care Of Your Lease Car

It’s important that you look after your lease car properly. Over your lease period there are certain things you need to do to ensure your car is well maintained. If you are unsure about how your vehicle should be returned at the end of the agreement, take a look at our vehicle return standards guide which explains about fair wear and tear.

If you want your car to run smoothly and remain in great condition then here are some helpful tips for taking care of your lease car.


If you take out a lease car you should get it serviced regularly. How often you need to do it depends on which manufacturer you choose but most cars need to be serviced at least once a year. See your lease agreement for details on how often you need to get your car serviced. Getting your car serviced helps to maintain your car’s performance and address any issues before they cause lasting damage.

Oil checks

Make sure you check your oil levels regularly. If you don’t top up your oil often enough and your oil level gets extremely low then you can cause serious damage to your car. Only use the specific oil that is advised in your handbook.  Look out for oil leaks by checking the ground underneath your car.


Always keep an eye on your tyre tread to make sure it is above the legal minimum. Driving on illegal tyres is extremely dangerous because it dramatically reduces the amount of grip you have. Check your tyres for punctures and nails so that you aren’t damaging your car by driving around on a flat tyre. You also need to regularly check your tyre pressure to see if they need to more air.

Driving your lease car

How you drive your lease car is also very important. If you push it to it’s limits then it is more likely to need parts replacing. At times when you are only driving your car short distances try and give it the occasional longer run where possible.

Take care with cornering, changing gear and don’t ride the clutch. Avoid forcing the engine to labour on low revs and change up through the gears in plenty of time. You car will remain in far better condition if you drive it with care.

Wash your car regularly

If you don’t wash the outside of your car regularly dirt and grit can gather and scratch your car. If scratches or paint damage gets treated early on then it can often be easily be repaired. It’s also important to keep the interior of your lease car in good condition. Don’t let any dirt or dust buildup that could ruin the upholstery or leave marks. If you get your car valeted or clean it on a regular basis it will remain in tip top condition.

Warning lights and issues

If any warning lights come on, don’t delay, check your car manual immediately to find out what the problem is. If you leave some issues for too long they can cause a great deal of damage that will be costly to fix. Be observant when driving your car, if you notice something is wrong then take it to an approved garage to get it checked right away.

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