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"So Who Exactly Will Insure My Leased Car?"

posted on Mar 14 2014 by Jade Hensby

"So Who Exactly Will Insure My Leased Car?"

So heres the deal, youve found the perfect car to lease, itll make your friends and neighbours horribly jealous, and you can afford the monthly payment scheme. Its a win all round- or is it These days insurance can be the deciding factor; so what are the options available to you from Lease Your Next Car Its not as bad as you may think... Unfortunately, here at Lease Your Next Car we cannot offer inclusive insurance to our valued customers, however there are tools weve set up to help you with this. Let me list the issues first, and then Ill move onto the more important stuff.

Typical issues that arise when dealing with insuring your newly leased car can include: postcode, age, living situation, and how you would be using the car- business or pleasure. Basically, there is too much variety between us that there simply cannot be a universal leasing insurance company, though wouldnt that be so much more convenient Now here is where we will help you. As our website will further explain to you, a comprehensive policy is (realistically) your best option for lease cars- why you may ask In simple terms this covers both yourself and the car manufacturer; hence you wont be paying out of your own purse for a car that isnt yours outright. Another aspect of insurance that may be of some use to you all is the variety of companies.

Be sure when researching which company to go with you check their terms and conditions for lease vehicles. For example, when asked if you can take out car insurance on a car that is not owned by yourself or your partner- some companies will look into insuring the car in your name as long as you or your partner are the registered keepers. In this instance it is always better to be safer than sorry- so call their customer services department to clarify! The insurance that we recommend here at Lease Your Next Car is provided by Lloyd Latchford- with over 40 years experience and knowledge you can be sure youre in safe hands. Another plus is that each policy that is taken out with Lloyd Latchford is specifically designed for leased cars, so there really is no back and forth communicating. Find out more about insuring your leased vehicle.