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Smoking with children in the car could soon be illegal

posted on Jan 31 2014 by Jade Hensby

Smoking with children in the car could soon be illegal

On Wednesday, the House of Lords backed a Labour amendment to the Children and Families Bill, which will include a ban on smoking in cars carrying children. The amendment is designed to discourage people from smoking around young children, and would make it a legal obligation for drivers of private vehicles to prevent smoking when a child is present.

driver smoking in the car with a child in the back

However, Mr Clegg, Who he himself smokes, said it was a “stupid thing to do when a child is in the back of a car” but said he did not want to “sub-contract” parenthood. However the government has now told MPs they can have a free vote on the issue. This means there will not be any party orders to oppose the measure when the Lords amendments to the bill are debated next month, and it increases the chances of them being voted through. The amendment would empower but not compel the government to make it a criminal offence for drivers to fail to prevent smoking if there is a child in the vehicle.

At present, there is already a ban on smoking in cars with children in some US states, Australia, Canada and some countries in Europe.

Downing Street released a statement saying David Cameron was ready to “listen to the arguments” about smoking in cars with children present.

An update to this topic is available here - with a possible £10k fine being introduced