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£99 - SMART Coupe 1.0 Pure (61) Auto

posted on Jul 11 2008 by Kyle McWilton

You can now contract hire lease this Smart 1.0 Pure (61) Auto from at an amazing price of only £99 per month. For further deatails please speak us 01273 789 900 or submit a quote request from our website The new Smart ForTwo isnow a common sight on the roadsand it might need more than a second look to spot the difference between it and its much loved predecessor.

When you get up close there is 90% redesign, the differences do become apparent. The new Smart ForTwoimprovements are aimed at resolving many of the original's faults, not least a new engine, gearbox with much improved 5-speed transmission, new interior and upgraded safety equipment - along with a body that is 195mm longer and 55mm wider . The Mitsubishi developed rear-mounted three-cylinder engine now has greater power output with an increased top speed of 90mph (electronically limited), while still being able to get you to the shops and back on a thimble full of unleaded.

The distinctive looks of the original car are still present thus maintaining a loyal fan base (770,000 first generation cars sold) but the original softer cutesy shape has gone, replaced by a more masculine and athletic style. Looking at the front the car sports a more mature grille, along with new headlamps with built-in projection technology, a feature unique to this vehicle class. The once innovative vertical door handles have made a 90 degree turn to the horizontal position. The rear window is less steeply angled so keeping the roof length short and putting the accent firmly on its coupe characteristics. Step inside the new Smart ForTwo to discover where the car has undergone the most noticeable changes. Gone is the original S-shaped dashboard - replaced by a straight facia which gives a sense of increased space.

External mounted dials and fabric covered areas on doors and instruments still feature but overall the interior has the feel of a more conventional cabin. The Smart ForTwo still comprises a rear-mounted up-rated petrol engine with 61bhp. Having gained its reputation on the city streets of many a European capital it is a proven city car for two, but thanks to its improved suspension and alert steering the new fortwo is now more agile and responsive than its predecessor. This is particularly true when faced with an open road, or the challenges of a long motorway drive, where the new five-speed gearbox smoothly (and with far less gear change lag) takes you to a surprisingly comfortable cruising speed.

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