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Skoda Octavia: Why You Should Lease This Car

posted on Oct 04 2013 by Jade Hensby

Skoda Octavia: Why You Should Lease This Car has some great deals this month in regards to the Skoda Octavia range. Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI CR vRS boasts an MPG of 61.40 miles, a Co2 emission of just 119 g/km and goes from 0-62 in a mere 8.10 seconds. But why take my word for it...

This is the third generation of the popular Skoda Octavia, and it looks more elegant than ever before. Proudly sporting Skoda's new black and chrome logo, this sleek design continues throughout the exterior of the car. The strong shoulder line is complemented by the unique flourish at the base of the line. The vRS has been designed with performance in mind; it pushes the boundaries of technology, safety, space and efficiency.

For the first time it includes an Adaptive Cruise Assistant which can automatically maintain a pre-set distance from the car in front of you. Also included is the Intelligent Light Assistant that switches from high beam to dipped when it detects on-coming traffic, and Traffic Sign Recognition which can be helpful when the speed limit changes suddenly on your journey.

Another performance enhancer that Skoda has installed in the new car is Automatic Parking Assistant. Designed for those who want to make parallel and bay parking easier- it does all the steering for you while you control the pedals; all started at a push of the button.

This Octavia is class-leading in terms of interior space. There is now more leg room than previous generations, and passenger space has been further maximised to ensure your rear seat passengers have more knee room. With the seats in place the boot is able to hold 590 litres- and also features Skodas new one side carpet and one side rubber, which protects the boot from muddy shoe prints or wet dogs. You can be sure to find nifty storage solutions in a Skoda.


This offer is available to business and personal contract drivers, based on 6 x 23 profile on a 24 month contract, with a mileage allowance of 5,000 per anum. You can choose from four types: Manual, Auto, Estate and Saloon, and prices start from 179 per calendar month. There is a delivery date of 12 weeks.

If you want to see more of the Skoda Octavia range, why not watch the video on our YouTube channel

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