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69 MPG / 109 CO2 - Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDi Greenline £144

posted on Aug 08 2008 by Kyle McWilton

For the first time we  bring you the Skoda Fabia Greenline (also available in the estate version to!). This car is available on contract hire leasing to both Business users and Private individuals. For further lease information please speak to the team on 01273 789 900 or checkout  the latest Skoda Fabia lease deals here.

Volkswagen engineers and their 'eco' cars can be compared to buses. You wait for ages for one to arrive and suddenly, three turn up at the same time. The first car on the startinggrid was theVWPolo Bluemotion followed shortly after by the Seat Ibiza Ecomotiveandfinally the Skoda Fabia Greenline, makes its debut.

It is said that all 3 follow a similar template brimming with complicated and expensive hybrid technology for simple engineering solutions in a bid for the same result,the car that sips fuel and keeps carbon dioxide CO2emissions down. The Skoda is no different and follows the tried and tested formula of the previous 2. Firstly it was given the treatment in wind tunnel where the aerodynamics were altered and the suspension lowered to reduce drag.A bespoke 5-speed gearbox with longer ratios and a set of smaller 14" alloys with energy saving tyres to pare down rolling resistance were fitted.

The results are clear! The estate version of Fabia Greenline averages an incredible 69mpg while emitting just 109g/km of carbon dioxide, while still feeling moderately quick and topping out at 105mph. Current Skoda owner driversare a happy bunch of people. So happy, that in the most recent JD Power satisfaction survey carried out, the Skoda brand scored an excellent second place behind Lexus. Skoda Fabia racked up a fine ninth place out of 100 models investigated, with owners reporting little mechanical problems and being impressed by the small Skoda's build and quality.

Pitch the Skoda Fabia up against the Ibiza Ecomotive and the VW Polo Bluemotion, the Skoda Fabia has a significant advantage becauseit's a model-generation younger than its Volkswagen Group siblings and that shows, particularly in the interior.

Simply speaking there is little out there to beat the Fabia Greenline, especially as an estate. Averaging 68.9mpg and polluting 109g/km of carbon dioxide, the most efficient Fabia slots into VED band B. Only the Mini Clubman Cooper D comes any where close, butthe Minidemands a 3,200 price premium over the Skoda.