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£129pm - Skoda Fabia 1.2 12V 1 with Air Conditioning

posted on Aug 04 2008 by Jon Bardill

£129pm - Skoda Fabia 1.2 12V 1 with Air Conditioning


For a limited period only you can contract hire lease this Skoda Fabia 1.2 12V 1 with Air Conditioning for just 129. Available to both business users and private individuals on a 2 year lease agreement. For full details please call the LeaseYourNextCar Leasing Team on 01273 789 900. Skoda's engineers have been busy with the reinvention of the brand and models. Hot on theheels of the wacky Roomster comes this, the second-generation Fabia with a calmer version of the same upright, square-cut styling. Many people didnt know thatthe Roomster and the Fabia are exactly the same as far back as the windscreen pillars.

The first generation Fabia, launched back in 1999, wasin its timeone of the biggest and roomiest superminis. During the life of the Fabia its rivals have grown to match it, but the engineers at Skoda have resisted the temptation to make the new Fabia significantly larger again, given that it's still meant to be a supermini. The designers have managed to get an extra 47mm taller to give an airier interior, while the boot is bigger and the nose has expanded forwards and upwards to meet new pedestrian safety rules. The platform itself is a development of the previous Fabia's whalso of theich is idententical tothe relationsVolkswagen Polo and the Seat Ibiza. Continued from the first generation SkodaFabia,the new second generation Fabia is touted as a high-quality, unpretentious, functional car for rationally minded people; it's the sort of market positioning first claimed by Volkswagen.

This is Volkswagen quality at a lower price, which in any ones books has got to bea very good deal. The new generation Fabia is a bit short of plushly padded surfaces, facia top excepted, but the hard plastics elsewhere are impeccably moulded, finished and assembled. The seat, door-trim and headlining fabrics are tasteful and feel expensively durable, too. The paint is excellent, with proper gloss lacquer around the tailgate aperture, the panel gaps are laser-accurate and the Fabia feels unbreakably solid and rattle-free. Most of the mechanical and electrical parts are already used in other VW Group products, so they are likely to be reliable and durable.

The Skoda Fabia is bothroomy and airy, which straight away makes you feel relaxed.The seating position means that you sit high- the 'H-point', or hip position, is 30mm higher than in the old Fabia, to allow for the same increase in bonnet and scuttle height - but there's still plenty of headroom so Skoda's past customer base will be able to retain its hats. All Fabia modelshave a steering wheel adjustable for both rake, the instruments are clear, with easily read white markings. Skoda is good at making cars which work well on Britain's increasingly appalling road surfaces, because some Czech roads are similar.

The result is calm, fluid progress of a kind once a French speciality, which is matched, in past-Peugeot fashion, to steering which is crisp, accurate and properly proportional even if its low gearing demands bigger arm movements than we're used to nowadays. There's a decent feel of the road, too, because the power assistance is hydraulic and so lacks the stiff, treacly feel too often found in purely electric systems. The Fabia does have an electric pump for the hydraulics, though, to save fuel.