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Skoda Is A Big Hit With British Drivers

posted on Apr 24 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Skoda Is A Big Hit With British Drivers

Skoda has come out on top in the annual Auto Express driver power customer satisfaction survey. The survey is done entirely on feedback from car owners; more than 50,000 UK motorists completed the survey.  They have fought off competition from rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Vauxhall. Skoda scored particularly well for running costs and reliability.

Skoda have really stepped up their game recently. They were a budget brand that weren’t taken seriously and then VAG bought SKODA and launched the brand into the 21st century. They have done extremely well and as a result, gradually the perception of the brand is really changing.

One of the reasons why Skoda cars are so reliable is because they have Volkswagen engineering.  Their cars are the same quality as Volkswagen but Skoda is a budget, affordable brand. When you buy a Skoda car you get reliable German Volkswagen engines for a lot less than a Volkswagen car. The Yeti costs £19,815, the Superb costs £16,605 and the Citgo costs £8,090.

You can lease the Citigo from only £109 per month. The Citigo is an ideal car if you want something that’s cheap to run, it has low repairs, servicing and petrol costs.

The Skoda Yeti took first place in this year’s survey, scoring 92.7%. This is the third year in a row that the Yeti has claimed this prestigious award. Skoda also managed to take second and third place with the Citgo which scored 92.6% and the Superb which achieved 91.6%.

Other cars to make the top ten included the BMW 5-series, Kia Rio, MG6 and Toyota Prius. The BMW 5-series saloon came in fourth place with a satisfaction rating of 91.45% also taking the award of ‘best executive car’.

It seems that Brits are becoming increasingly satisfied with their cars. Satisfaction levels in this survey have been rising since its launch in 2002, which is a positive sign for manufacturers and the car industry.

Here are the top 10 cars and their satisfaction rating from the 2014 Auto Express Driver Power survey:

1. Skoda Yeti - 92.78%

2. Skoda Citigo - 92.62%

3. Skoda Superb - 91.68%

4. BMW 5 Series - 91.45%

5. Kia Rio - 91.11%

6. MG6 - 90.92%

7. Toyota Prius - 90.90%

8. BMW 1 Series - 90.84%

9. Renault Captur - 90.84%

10. Kia Cee’d - 90.81%