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The Sion Car - Solar Powered German Engineering

posted on Aug 22 2018 by LYNC

The Sion Car - Solar Powered German Engineering

Munich-based tech startup company Sono Motors have crowdfunded their fascinating project of a solar powered car – called The Sion. The vehicle is powered just from the energy taken from the Sun.

solar commute car

The car has been designed with 330 integrated solar cells built into the whole exterior of the vehicle – on it’s roof, bonnet, sides and rear of the car.

It boasts a range of up to 250km, a 10 inch infotainment screen, LED headlights, and an air filter system using a particular kind of moss – very green indeed!
solar air conditioned car

The Sion Car already has 7,000 reservations for builds, and release date is expected in 2019.

The company responsible – Sono Motors – are young, dynamic, environmentally-conscious, and very German! So maybe think carefully on the manufacturer of your new German motor, as these guys are making new, unprecedented waves in the motor and tech industries. At a retail price of €16,000 euros, or £14,400 sterling, the project has good backing and investment; and has sparked the interest of the public, as they have well exceeded their crowdfunding target, and already have thousands of orders in the pipeline.

One to watch we think!

solar powered german car

Watch their video here to discover more from the guys themselves.