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£147 - SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE Sport Coupe

posted on Jul 22 2009 by Kyle McWilton

£147 - SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE Sport Coupe

SC stands for SportCoup, and when SEAT decided to design a SportCoup, they wanted it to be a true masterpiece of sport design - and because they are still talking about a car, that means in more ways than one. The design and details of course, but also in performance, safety and practicality. Whoever drives this car will be flattered and seduced by it at the same time.

The exterior of the new SEAT Ibiza SC is defined by dynamic lines creating a real presence on the road. Every line has been sculpted for a reason and flows effortlessly with the car as a whole. Just as you would expect from a cool piece of sports wear. Feel free to step closer, see how the shape of the vehicle is formed from swooping lines running from the new chromed SEAT grille frame around the front, then carving round upholding the shape of the car right to the rear. A car design that was conceived and executed without compromise, inspired by the shape of an arrow it transmits confident dynamism, urban attitude and personality.

Get into it. Let it look good on you. Pure attitude - not taking no for an answer. Zoom into the door handles, side mirrors and bumpers - all perfectly matching the body colour. Have a look at those smart rear lights, the bumper that seamlessly flows into the body of the car and the elegant spoiler that finishes the roof with a perfect curve. Cutting-edge technology, uncompromising safety and striking looks - merged into one and ready to be shown off. So, you can handle everything life throws your way.

Well - the new SEAT Ibiza SC Ibiza has the latest technology to help you handle even more of it. Take for instance SEAT's very own Agile Chassis, a technological masterstroke that adapts your steering to the electric power steering system and to the vehicle speed and road conditions. The result, fine-tuned turns and heightened safety. Speed-Sensitive Assisted Power Steering also plays an important role this season - the steering being heavily assisted at low speed and lightly assisted at high speed. Meaning that parking becomes child's play, while you have a firmer grip when on the move. FYI: The latest ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and the most recent TCS (Traction Control System) is also included.

Yes, you own the road. The multi-functional dashboards of the SE and Sport versions of the new Ibiza SC collection are supplied with a brand new screen that keeps you in the loop on all the facts and figures required for a perfectly controlled drive. This board computer communicates at the touch of a button the exact time, the time spent on the road since starting up the engine, average speed, fuel consumption, the distance covered and the distance that can still be covered at the current speed before having to fill up again - and the exterior temperature. It's easy to fall hard for this masterpiece of a road accessory.

In case you still need convincing, allow us to push you over the edge. Our headlights have something known as Coming Home function - part of the standard package for the SE version. Meaning that they stay on for 30 seconds after you have slipped out the car, so you have to time to locate your front door keys inside your oversized leather-mesh bag. Just in case they've slipped to the very bottom or got caught up with your headphone cable. The new SEAT Ibiza has been awarded the maximum five stars in the Euro NCAP Rating of adult occupant protection.

It also scored highly in the front impact test and child occupant protection, and earned a 100% pass mark in the side impact category. In other words, it passes the safest-Ibiza-ever test. To a critical eye like yours it will be obvious that there are quite a lot of safety features that you will hopefully never need. Most of them are included as standard - including active and passive safety systems and Head Chest Airbags for driver and passengers. Where do we start In the back, you will find three-point rear safety belts and central safety belts, as well as ISOFIX preparation in the side rear seats. In addition, a Top Tether anchoring system ensures your young ones stay put where they're meant to.

Plus a Seat Belt Reminder will tell if you or your front passenger is not properly strapped in for the ride. 93 times, to be exact. Pretty unnerving, we should think - those buckles will be fastened in no time. And that's not everything. To keep you from getting in trouble in the first place our latest generation of ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) and TCS (Traction Control System), as well as the most recent ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System).

Our ESP monitors information from the steering wheel, tyres, brakes and accelerator, making adjustments where necessary to keep you in the perfect arc. The ABS keeps your wheels from skidding or over accelerating, no matter the road conditions. While the TCS monitors the power being fed to the axles and wheels, and actively prevents skidding whenever necessary. Off-road adventures Not unless you decide to have them.

But what would these cutting-edge safety measures be without you having an uninterrupted view of the road lying ahead The new windscreen wiper system with three wash jets will make sure of that. Covering 20% more of your windscreen and proven to work like a clockwork at high speeds and in temperatures below 0C. So it sounds pretty appealling, right wait until you've seen how affordable SEAT Ibiza are through car leasing.